Climate and Weather

Myanmar is usually classified as having a tropical monsoon climate and has three seasons – although roughly half the country lies outside the tropical zone. Its climate is similar to India’s –

Raining season is from mid May till mid October with an average temperature of 25-30 C, bringing rain from the Bay of Bengal. Summer is from mid February to mid May with an average temperature of 30-35 C. Temperature can reach 45 C in central Myanmar. Dry and cold season (moderate season) is from mid October till mid February with average temperature of 20-24 C. This is the best time for traveling, although the mountainous regions and the Shan plateau can be chilly and temperature of 5–10 C at this time.

Myanmar can be visited all year round regardless of the seasons. Although during the raining season, it rains in Yangon and Inlay Lake, still traveling to Myanmar is still enjoyable because Mandalay and Bagan lies in dry zones where it barely rains.

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